Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Revasum employees are able to access a Financial Wellness learning program called SmartDollar. This program has something for everyone, no matter their experience level with finances. SmartDollar has helped millions of people take control of their money, get out of debt, and prepare for retirement by focusing on wealth management and behavior change.

SmartDollar is completely free for all Revasum employees & their spouses. They have access to:

  • A Proven, Step-by-Step Plan

Learn about the 7 Baby Steps that have helped millions of people get out of debt, invest, build wealth, and give generously

  • Video Lessons and Expert Advice

Learn from the experts! Through video lessons and real-world content applications, our team of experts, including Dave Ramsey, will inspire you to take action and reach your dreams

  • Online Tools Accessible 24/7 on Any Device

Jump start your finances as quickly as possible with our budgeting tool, savings tracker, and debt snowball tool